Monday, October 1, 2007

Long Time no Write

OK OK OK, so I know I said I would write everyday to keep up with the life of Lizzie and the learning curve of a Mom to a very strong willed toddler. Well, this weekend we went into New Orleans to visit my parents because it was their anniversary. I think they have been married somewhere around 35 years. CONGRATS to them....It's been weighing heavy on me lately. It seems now that most people we know are or are getting divorced. It just seems so easy to get married then to decide that it's not working out and get divorced. I know when Patrick and I got married we were required to go to counseling and do tests to make sure we would know how to work out our problems. And not to say that we haven't had hard times, BUT we always work them out and then they don't seem so bad. I think the problem with most people is that they bottle every little thing up and then you have this HUGE problem instead of 10 small ones over the year. In my opinion, most couples "could" work things out if they just took the time and effort to put their marriage first. The one thing that really stuck out to me when we did our pre-marriage counseling was that they told us we always needed to put each other and the relationship first. Kids and money and everything came after that. IT stands to make sense, if you dedicate everything you are to kids and not to your spouse, when they grow up and leave you have a stranger you are married to. Ohhhh well, this has just been another rant by me ;) Talk to you tomorrow ;) I hope to post pics from this weekend later today.


Cory said...

I totally agree with you on this. It is really easy to just give in. I think if marriage counseling were required in all marriages we would see less marriages and less cases of divorce. BUT...not everyone is required to do this. And if the bride or groom has to drink BEFORE saying I DO, chances are it isn't going to last.

Manic Mom said...

Cat, I am going on vaca Friday but if you email me the beginning of July I will send you all of 40 Weeks to read.

Stephanie aka Manic